Welcome to the Homestead!

Welcome to the Homestead!

Scherer Homestead is a family dedicated to learning, growing, and preserving the sustainable ways of life while producing the highest quality food.

Ally is a Wounded Warrior who rediscovered her passion for life in the homestead. She is the dreamer of the bunch, the caretaker and the primary grower here at Scherer Homestead. After serving in the Navy she's dedicated her life to raising the kids and running the homestead.

Ryan is the backbone of the operation providing technical work in mechanics, building projects, supply loads, tons of encouragement and financial management. He's an excellent CFO (Chief Financial Officer), handyman, father and husband.

Together with the kids (Baby B & Avey) this family makes up Scherer Homestead. Everything produced here is made with loving hearts and hands and without chemicals.

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