Sourdough Essentials

Sourdough Essentials

Perhaps you're starting your sourdough journey and you're wondering, "What do I really need to get started?" Here are essential necessities to build up your Sourdough Kit starting your journey without diving too deep into ALL the possibilities of Sourdough accessories.


- Storage container for your Starter (Mason Jars, Weck jars, Le Parfait Jars


- Measuring Scale, for the most accurate recipe portions a scale is highly recommend and many sourdough recipes will be in weight (which I personally love because measuring cups annoy me)

- Danish Whisk, this clever tool makes mixing your dough a breeze and is easy to use and clean

Bench Scrapper Dough Cutting Tool- Essential for cutting loaves and scrapping sticky sourdough 

Cast Iron Dutch Oven- Cast Iron is timeless and can last decades providing even heat distribution and quality loaves

Mixing bowl- you need a sturdy mixing bowl thats easy to cover when you get that beautiful dough ready and proofing for your bake

Scoring tool- also referred to as a lame, this is the tool you will use to score your bread. I personally like the smaller tool that can be used pencil grip style


Bun Mold
- Because sourdough buns are awesome! This mold has been amazing for getting the perfect bun shape and

Folding Rack- When I have multiple loaves of goodness or baked deliciousness this rack is amazing and folds up for easy

Baguette Mold- This mold makes shaping and baking baguettes or sub sandwich loaves a breeze

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