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Scherer Homestead

Donate to the Greenhouse Fund so we can GROW MORE

Donate to the Greenhouse Fund so we can GROW MORE

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Hi! My name is Ally and I’m the Co-Founder and charging force behind Scherer Homestead. We are asking for your help to get a Greenhouse and expand our ability to produce food for the community.

I’ve served for eight years as a Navy Corpsman taking care of my fellow service members. I had originally planned on doing twenty years and serving in the Nurse Corps. My career was built on that goal but God had other plans. In 2022 the medical retirement process began and I was lost to say the least. After we bought our property in 2023 and started producing on our homestead I found that spark again. It’s given me renewed purpose and passion to grow nutrient dense chemical free food for our community. Not only does this occupation provide for others but it also allows me to rehabilitate from my injuries.

We know times are hard and everyone is feeling the pressure of the economy but even $5 (a single Starbucks coffee) would get us closer to our goal. Thank you for your support!
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