Sourdough 101

I started baking sourdough as a way to get away from the toxic chemicals in store bought bread and provide my family with a healthier and tastier solution. It has been more fun than I ever expected baking a couple of times a week for the family and experimenting with sourdough discard recipes! We are obsessed with all things Sourdough. 

It can be a little mystifying to learn however so I started classes so I can share what I've learned hands on and share my starter with others so they can jump in on this rewarding sourdough journey. I created a custom class that takes the 18-24 process and breaks it down in 3 hours going over the whole process hands on from feeding starter, baking, shaping, dos & don'ts and a handy guide students get to take home. You can check out my classes *HERE* where I teach right in my kitchen at the Homestead near Lake Thunderbird. I've also made a handy list of Sourdough Essentials to make getting started easy.

 My go-to recipe for Sourdough Boules is right *HERE*


 My go-to for Soft Sourdough Loaves *HERE*