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Scherer Homestead

Fresh Pastured Eggs

Fresh Pastured Eggs

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Exploring the Benefits of Eggs:

Eggs are among the most complete and nutritious foods on the market. Their unique composition of vitamins and minerals, coupled with high omega-3 levels (second only to animal brains), make them a standout choice.

Why Choose Corn and Soy Free?

The food industry is flooded with buzzwords like "natural," "vegetarian feed," "free-range," and "pasture raised," that give the impression of healthy eating without delivering a superior product. Chickens fed genetically modified corn and soy, which is often infused with agrochemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and glyphosate, are still being used to produce eggs.

We can confidently say that our eggs are the purest and most nutrient-rich available in the local market.

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